Annual Reminders for REW CRM

@REW.Michael @SharonClark had a great suggestion the other day. She was saying that it would be great to add a “repeat annually” checkbox similar to what we just added to campaigns to “reminders” as well.

I know that reminders are on the table for review soon, so this is great timing.

So the idea is, instead of a campaign (that automatically sends an email) she would want a “reminder” to say “call client about a warranty, or on home anniversary” - so not an automated task, but a reminder task.

Does that make sense?

Sharon, did I capture this right?

I think it’s a great idea!


That is a great idea! While you’re at it, why not have repeat every X# of days, monthly, and annually options?

Spammer!!! :smiley:

Seriously though, happy to look at it. See what’s what. :slight_smile:


We would REALLY appreciate this function! It was one of the most used functions in our old CRM and I desperately miss it. We use the anniversary date “reminder” as a touch point for every one of our clients. Would love to have this added!

Hey! Did this ever get implemented? I have an agent asking me about it.

Have to check with @Rebecca - FYI, you can do this as an action plan too I think (a cheat) just have an “annual reminders” action plan, and set it up with custom dates.

I think that should work. It would show in your action bar (wouldn’t email or text you though since that would get VERY annoying with thousands of leads.