Assign Groups for Agents in CRM - Agents Beta

How do we create and assign Groups for Agents in CRM - Agents Beta?

I see the UI for Agent Groups (as shown in the screenshot). I also see agent groups UI in Smart Agent Lists and the Agent’s Preference page, but I cannot figure out how to group them after trying several different ways. Is it active yet?

Also, can we email that group of agents from the backend? (hoping it’s yes!)

We have a need to email just the agents in a branch office (i.e. Seattle Branch/Agent Group). We can email all 100 agents, but if we wanted to email just agents in a particular branch we have to select/deselect them manually from among our 100 agents. Thanks!
Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 1.10.49 PM

Hi Victor,

click on the My Setup at the bottom left of the screen and you will see the option to create agent groups when the menu pops up

then you can assign the agents to the proper branches

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Thank you!! May I make a suggestion to make the UI a little more intuitive?

The my Set Up button in the lower left is making a mode change from CRM to Agent whenever you switch between the two. However it’s not clear that occurred. I didn’t think the mode changed for that button when I clicked over from CRM to Agent and so I skipped over that.

My suggestion is when in CRM mode, the button should say “My CRM Set Up” and when in Agent mode say “My Agents Set Up”.

Maybe even a color change? CRM mode could be orange, and Agents mode blue up in the top left. Then the set up buttons at the bottom color correspond too.

The difference between modes is pretty subtle and that’s where I tripped up.

Thanks for considering!!

I added a little mock up of what I was trying to say. Thanks!

Great suggestions as always Victor, thanks for that! We’ll make notes and see what the team can come up with for a future release. Pinging @Rebecca for us to have a discussion with @Phil

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Thank you! I really appreciate how involved you are at the ground level of things. Helping, responding to customers, and of course considering suggestions :grinning:

Another great suggestion Victor! Will work with the design team on this :slight_smile:

This is a rough mockup, but I think it might be convenient to have a special “Add new Group” item at the top of the fly-out menu(s).

Hey Phil, I think we missed clarifying the requirement properly for you - it was not to introduce new add functionality (a new pattern) in the fly-out bar. We can discuss that, but that’s not the ask or topic in this thread.

What was being pointed out is that when you’re in “agents” vs in “leads” there is no indicator of which one you’re in. Let’s discuss your mockup idea in a future separate R & D session (if we’re doing it, we should look at where else this might potentially work in the fly-out)

But what we need for this thread is an idea of how to label the setup of each section better now that there are two (and they are both called “my setup” which is clearly confusing)

Maybe this might help: I’m in agents, and it says “my setup”

Now I’m in leads and it says “my setup”

I think Victor is suggesting it could be “Agents setup” and “Leads Setup” or something (I don’t really like those phrases, but that’s the idea)

So something like this…

And changing bottom left text as well

This is great! I feel “Manage” Leads, “Manage” Agents is a bit more descriptive than “Set Up”. “Set Up” feels like a one time task you do at the start, but many of the tasks are more ongoing nature. It also works well with Manage Smart Lists naming already in place.

I really love how much you include our feedback and work in the open like this!!


Yep. I understand. The filter button does follows this pattern “Filter Leads” vs “Filter Agents”, so it makes sense that the my setup link should also follow that same convention, if it leads to a leads/agents specific “my setup”.


Thanks, I totally see the POV on this. It’s one thing I find interesting about UI. So many considerations to make something great for thousands of users who all have their own POV’s, skill levels, etc. Quite the balancing act!

Worse yet! Poor @Phil and company (awesome at UI / UX) have to put up with my shenanigans!

They are all like. “Design best practice is to leave some white space around an element to let it shine” and I’m all like


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