Automated System Email

Hi, we have this email that goes out automatically, screenshot attached. We’ve been told that we cannot change this email as it’s system wide and complicated to change for a single client (us). I’m asking, can we make a system wide change?

There are only two things I’d like to change:

  1. The subject line currently reads, “Customize your search alerts - Never miss a hot deal” Can we delete the “never miss a hot deal”? It seems way too sales like and it’s not accurate. I’m sure we can all define a hot deal differently but for the purposes of this email I don’t think it fits. If we want something after customize your search alerts then “Never miss a new listing” seems more appropriate.

  2. The greeting says, “Hello first name last name” Can we change that to Hi first name, ? This way it doesn’t come across as automated as the current greeting.



Hmmmm @Aayaam @Rebecca is this correct? Is there no way to edit this message?

Hi @Morgan and @GFeldstein, I just checked with the Product team and unfortunately yes, there is no way to customize the email as it is system wide. If we did want to edit this email it would have to be Product change and some development work is required. Happy to do this though if we wanted to change this email for everyone?

The Product team can also look at exploring the option of providing multiple automatic emails to Leads, so Agents and Brokers can choose different emails and not just have this one option.

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I like both of your suggestions for these emails.

Thanks Rebecca. What are the next steps to see if we can move forward with the change?

The process for feature requests is the they get made here (done), they get vetted and approved for “backlog” (done)

Now it’s in the backlog (there are many requests ahead of this one) so once it’s turn comes up, we discuss best implementation (often times coming back here for client feedback if the solution is not obvious) and then it gets approved for work > implemented > tested > rolled out.

For backlog items, it can be a few months before they are reviewed since we always have a large R&D roadmap (have some REALLY cool things just getting finished off like Dialer, Deals / Transactions, Source & Budget attribution), REWPert + CRM integration and some other major updates ahead of backlog requests.

Alternatively (if someone needs something and can’t wait for the R & D process, you can always speak to your account manager about a custom project. (Don’t forget to ask about free hours via the early renewal program).

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