Automated Text Messages in Action Plans

Hello, I am trying to get automated text messages inside an action plan. I have them in past one’s I’ve built but the functionality seems to be gone now. Anyone else seeing this? Please help!


Do you have the texting module enabled? What is your URL?

Yes we did before…

I just looked at your backend, and it does not appear that you have the texting module enabled. I’ll check and make sure you’re being invoiced for it, and if yes get that re-enabled for you.

Great, and if we aren’t invoiced, we were in the past and still want it. Thanks Morgan.

Did you upgrade your site recently Jared?

In what sense?

FYI the team is on it!

I mean going from an old site to a new site, or an old backend to a new one :slight_smile:

no, we’ve only had the new backend…