Automatically log date of last quick note for REW CRM

Hey ya’ll - I find I like to have our agents date their quick notes (shows the last time they logged manual effort on the lead).

I’d like to request that we automatically append the date and time of the last edit to the quick note (at the end of quick note) - that way they don’t have to remember to date / time each time they edit.

@MattPinneo any issues with this? @Rebecca can you capture this?


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I love using the quick notes feature. Having the date automatically appear when something is added or edited - will be great! This will save time for agents to have a quick view of their last note.

May just be me, as I have been in the CRM a lot lately but I especially love that you can just hover over the quick note to see what was written. You can quickly scroll down your Leads page and have an easy view of your agents recent activity, hovering from 1 lead to another.

Aaahhhh…the simple things that make a CRM awesome! :smiley:


Captured! Will bring this to the R&D team :slight_smile:

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