BDX Cancellation

HI - I just received this email:
I’m writing to inform you that as of December 10th, 2019, Real Estate Webmasters is discontinuing the Builders Search Feed, or BDX as it’s commonly known.

As with all feeds, we are a third-party provider and are at the mercy of the supplier themselves. We have received notice that the current supplier of the BDX is no longer offering the feed, and as such we will be forced to discontinue the feed as well.

For those who are using the BDX … what is your plan?

You are correct they have discontinued the feed to all vendors (they have changed their business model) most users are just removing it from their site as there is no replacement. You can still of course have pages and do SEO on those building sites etc, there just wont be a feed of listings.

One suggestion: use the SEO and have a CTA and then also have “similar MLS listed homes” or something to draw comversions

Thanks for responding. 100% of our marketing (radio, print ads ect) is all new construction. Without the feed I’m not sure we could continue with the marketing plan. I get the pages built out for each community and we have them to a degree.

I have a call into BDX.

Not sure if this is an option on your MLS board, but if you have a “Year Built” IDX panel you could make some snippets for homes built in in say 2019 and drive the traffic to those pages.

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Good point @Whitby! Some boards even have a field for “New Construction” Yes / No sort of thing that could be used to build pages out of new construction homes!

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What does that mean exactly. Have no idea what a BDX feed is.

It’s an old “IDX style” feed of buildings provided by New Home Source, but they are no longer offering it. It was limited to value in only certain areas where they had lots of inventory.

I was told by REW that there wasn’t enough demand for it to justify REW keeping the BDX module. :thinking:

I was told BDX stopped feeding… I been paying 3 months now for a site that was 100% BDX and now is useless.

You may be referring to a while ago when we did not decide to move it into the “new” framework (which was true) but some time later New Home Source / BDX informed us they were pulling all feeds from all vendors and thus it’s a moot point.

Its not a moot point! with all due respect… For me I am paying monthly for a site that is useless if your site was 100% built on BDX. Saying that are you willing to cancel our contract? I been told via email that the BDX might be coming back and wait for an update, but at $300 per month its an expensive wait.

That’s a possibility; frustrating that they would pull that feed, but it is what it is I guess.

I was referring to Brian’s comment about not enough demand being a moot point. As for cancelling contracts, BDX never required a contract so there is nothing to cancel from that perspective, we are not charging for it any more as it’s not available. As it was a third party “module” (not something that was ever tied to a website contract) it would not be a reason to cancel your website contract. I understand it’s frustrating that it is no longer available, but please know that the cancellation of this feed has nothing to do with REW but we recognize that it is a feature you liked that is now no longer available. Happy to offline this conversation if you want to discuss your specific situation in greater detail.

The very reason for me to sign up was the BDX and no other. REW was one of the vendors that had the BDX. My site is 100% BDX and without it, it serves no purpose and I should be allowed to cancel.

As I said, I would be happy to offline this conversation. A public forum is hardly the place to discuss your specific contract questions. You can PM me if you like