Behavioral notifications

Is there a setting in the CRM that can notify agents of certain behaviors? Ideally when a lead comes back to the website after a long period of time, lead opens X listing alerts in a row, lead saved a property, etc?

Great question - that is one of the features (a notification and automation engine) that is early stage in R & D (haven’t even mocked up a UI for it yet. @FernandoOrtiz has the ball on that one.

I’m going to share some super secret notes with you here, feel free to add some examples, but there is a caveat. We are trying to “consider” everything, but what we code is going to be the most popular features or those that balance value vs performance impact or cost etc. So the ones you mentioned above are on the list (and make a lot of sense) but some of our the combos on the list attached may or may not make it to final cut.

The way it work is, when the thing on the left happens, then do the thing on the right :slight_smile:

Feel free to add to it!

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Just a thought…I’m very new to REW (having my site built out this week) so maybe this feature already exists and I don’t know about it…instead of limiting the if/then to 1 “then” action, what if a customizable “tag” was added when a certain behavior happens. Then agents have the ability to customize the action that happens after with the tag as the trigger. This way the “then” action is customizable based on a list of possible automations so each agent can do what makes sense for their business. More freedom and customization options

If the tag is an API mark that can be pushed to other CRMs, thats even better :slight_smile:

I might need you to walk me through this as I’m not really following. Are you at Inman this week? If yes, stop by the booth! And to clarify, the list above is “in R & D” it does not exist at all at the moment, that was a sneak peek of the future.