Best REW website integrations

I got a peek at our client’s website at NOOK - and their Local Logic integration. I love seeing how our client’s continue to improve the consumer experience on their websites through integrations that work beautifully with their design! Nook is a lifestyle, architecture driven boutique brand out of Southern California and we can’t say enough about their partnership in what we create together:)

Check it out under the “lifestyle” dropdown:


Definitely one of the most innovative features around at REW anywhere. Nook does a GREAT job!

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Is there a list somewhere of REW integrations?

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Nook is my favourite site. The design, the quality of the writing and the content, it’s perfection all the way around.

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Denise, most integrations at this level are customized to the specific build, the point of this thread is to create that list I think, so anyone who has additional integrations we’d love to see them.

Out of the box, REW has integrations with:
Inrix (Drivetime) $
Onboard Informatics (get local) $
Lone Wolf TM (in beta)
Twillio $

Those with $ beside them have a cost component to them but are quite inexpensive.

Zapier is one that would be great