BIG changes coming to search: Google Bard vs "New" Bing

Potentially game-changing events in the organic search world today (and yesterday).

As we know, current chatbot’s are trained on huge but limited data sets. ChatGPT for example has a knowledge base that ends in 2021.

But now, in quick succession, both Google and Microsoft announced their plans to integrate the latest AI chatbot technology (like ChatGPT) WITH their search engine services. That means we’ll see chatbot technology with the ability to draw on and present information straight from the internet.

Microsoft is getting the ball rolling by using an AI chatbot as a “search assistant” in both Bing and Edge that will appear in a sidebar. Microsoft unveiled some of these new AI features today.
Google is still doing limited testing of its new service called “Bard”.

We covered more details about Google’s Bard announcement in a blog post, but apparently we can expect a more public rollout in the coming weeks.

What do you think? Does Microsoft finally have the edge (get it) on Google? How will this effect search marketing and SEO going forward?

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Honestly, I feel like Google has a really bad track record when it comes to net new functionalities outside of search (with perhaps the exception of Android) - even Google Cloud is nowhere near as competitive as it should be against Azure / AWS, so really tough to bet on them here.

That being said - obviously Googlers are pretty smart and it’s not like AI (Artificial Intelligence) is new to them.

I’m just stoked to have so many legit players leaning in - this level of competition means the growth curve will be even more exponential and we should be closer and closer to Skynet in record time!

Can’t wait to dig in!

On the one hand, it’s hard to bet against Google given their current market share and past experience with AI, but on the other, they really seem to have been beaten to the punch on this one. And as you say, this fits a pattern of being behind on new features and products - perhaps a function of being a bit too big and having too much to lose?

I think Google’s announcement on Monday was just an attempt to pre-empt media coverage, since they didn’t have much to show. In contrast, Microsoft actually has some working demo searches that you can click around, so they seem much further along in launching their full AI-search product.

Google also had another announcement today, but their stock took a tumble after a short-product demo/ad showed an error! Not a good sign.

The question is: Are people actually going to switch over to Bing or give it a try once everything launches? It seems like we’ve become pretty invested or settled into the current Google product suite.

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The integration of AI chatbot technology with search engine services has the potential to significantly enhance the search experience for users, particularly in the real estate industry. By drawing on and presenting information straight from the internet, AI chatbots can provide more accurate and relevant search results in real-time, saving users time and effort.

For the real estate industry, this technology can provide numerous benefits, such as helping users find properties that meet their specific criteria and providing personalized recommendations based on their search history and preferences. In addition, AI chatbots can assist with tasks such as scheduling property viewings, answering common questions about properties, and even providing virtual property tours.

As for the impact on search marketing and SEO, it is likely that businesses will need to adjust their strategies to account for the increased use of AI chatbots in search. For example, businesses may need to focus on optimizing their content for natural language queries and providing clear and concise information that is easily digestible for chatbots.

Overall, the integration of AI chatbot technology with search engine services has the potential to revolutionize the search experience, particularly in the real estate industry, and businesses will need to adapt their strategies accordingly to take advantage of this new technology.