Bing / Microsoft is about to get a HUGE boost (and become relevant again)

Not sure if you’re following the news (or if you were in Florida for my AI talk this past week)

But here’s the deal - Microsofts deal with ChatGPT is going to make it a 2 horse race again.

We’re going to be able to do have options (and challenges) now in TWO major search engines!

You’re going to see a LOT more links like this get shared…

Let’s discuss!

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This is out of my scope but initial thoughts are that competition is often good for the consumer.

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Sure is!

Looking at a traffic log from today, definitely NOT a going concern yet.

But I’m just going to leave this hear for reference.

Today’s report shows 3,671 visits from Google, 82 from bing. (Bing traffic is 2% of Google organic for us)

Granted, we don’t optimize for (or necessarily rank for) anything in Bing, so that’s not a fair measure either.

But still - let’s watch this mix over the next 6-12 months. Mark my words, Bing will grab market share (big time!)

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It will be interesting to see how this all unravels. It’s been years but there was a time that I used Bing exclusively with a previous company.

Now, I honestly don’t remember the last time I used anything other than Google?

Question for you @Morgan, if Bing does gain market share - will this force big changes in how companies do their SEO?

Yes and no - many of the fundamentals of a great user experience are shared between Google and Bing (they want to provide the most relevant articles to the consumer, that is how they keep the consumer happy)

However, there is Nuance in what they consider a relevant, or higher priority. For instance, Bing values fewer, more powerful backlinks whereas Google values a swath of backlink-related elements.

But either way, if you’re focused on generating great “earned” relevant backlinks, that behavior will benefit both.

I think a more important question is - do you have to choose? (to optimize for one or the other) and I think the answer is no. I am very confidence, smart SEO’s (like Real Estate Webmasters SEO’s) will figure out how to get sites rankings very well in both search engines)

Is anyone already optimizing for Bing and getting great results?

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