Building an App

A client has asked me for my “app” which of course I do not specifically have an app to access my website. Is this possible to create an app that would take them directly to my website? That would be asset to be able to provide to clients/prospects.

You could just create a shortcut from your mobile browser which would then act like an app on their phone. Check out this video it will show you how to do so: How to Add a Website Shortcut to Your iPhone Home Screen - YouTube

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Hi @kim.blanton! Do you know why the client was looking for an app? Your website is optimized for mobile so a lot of times an app is redundant.

@AmyPye they wanted an easy to find place on their phone instead of entering the URL

I had to smile when I read this because I’ve had a couple apps that were branded to me (one was Homesnap Pro which was provided to us at no extra charge by the MLS when I lived in IL & I also used the REW app that they no longer have) and I would send my clients the link to download & I couldn’t get anyone interested. I still have Homesnap but it’s showing my current AZ location but IL listings & I’m trying to get that fixed.

I use the mobile shortcut to access the backend for my REW site & it works great, but I’m not sure a client would go through the steps.

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they wanted something quick and easy

That is quick and easy and it looks like an app on the phone, because it acts like a shortcut and is an alternative


Mark’s suggestion is best in this case - just save the website to home screen.

And to confirm: we don’t have an app for the websites as they are mobile responsive.

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