Building Pages with Existing Snippets

Hi All - I’m new to the forum so apologies if this isn’t the right place. I reviewed the tutorials on YouTube but am still having a hard time understanding the best way to utilize snippets properly to build out templated landing pages on my new site. I have a need for building about 10 pages and I really just want to use the horizontally stacked copy + image feature but am getting stuck on how to implement correctly.

Any guidance or links to resources is greatly appreciated. Thanks! - Pat

Hey Pat, your account manager or a CSM should be able to help you (as long as you’re trying to do something out of the box and not custom) do you have an example or link you’re trying to replicate?

Also, I think this thread is a duplicate, I provided more details here Best resources for building landing pages via snippets - #3 by Morgan

If you could make sure to only post the same topic once, it will help us organize and consolidate responses. Cheers