Building the ultimate seller page / section.. getting more seller leads!

Does anyone else have a bazillion buyer leads coming in from the web but almost no seller leads?

Seems to be a huge problem across the board for all platforms and a universal complaint from agents on the social chats. Especially in this market where there are so few listings per buyer out there looking.

We want to solve this!

Coach @ajhazzi and I have been talking about this and working on testing various CTA’s, content page layouts etc, and recently he’s volunteered his PPC budget to dive deep into AB testing for seller leads. He even said we could use his retainer time to do some R & D work that could be shared with our members (he’s awesome like that)

I’ve decided instead that REW will take that part on (but thank you for offering coach!) and so I’m starting this thread to discuss how we can build out the ultimate seller lead mouse trap.

Is it one epic page or a whole section? Who knows!
What are the components of an amazing seller page (and in what order?)
Forms - address and email first, just address? Short / Long? More info / less info?
Visuals? What type of imagery works best to build credibility and trust (video?)
CTA’s - how are you going to hook them in?

This morning @AmyPye and I went over some of the common elements we want to start with in terms of the decks for seller pages. She’s going to pop in and give us a wireframe to play with.

I’m also going to share some of the components I think we can use as starting points and some good examples from the web as well.

Does anyone want in on this? The thread is open.

REW is going to cover the pm time, wireframes, mockups, and initial mockup (on Renaissance) all you have to cover (if you want to help us test this) is implementation time on your site if you want to grab/test any of these concepts.

I’ll be cranking up our personal PPC budget over at once we have layouts to test to see if we can’t up the seller leads dramatically and of course all REW PPC clients will benefit from those learnings as well.

Tagging a few other folks that I know would be in on this thread or that I’m working with on seller stuff:


Let’s get this seller party started!


I’m going to start with some of the components I think a seller page can / should have.

#1: Home Valuation Capture: This can either be in the header, or using the CMA tool in the body, but definitely one of the more common CTA’s for seller leads is home valuation.

Here is the default hero capture on Renaissance: (You can turn it on in the backend)

Or you can go with something embedded like REW’s CMA tool

you can always just go with text and a button leading to a form as well

More recently, one of the things AJ and I have worked on with the team is a modal that pops up on certain pages (like listings pages) that is a form inside of the experience

What other CMA / Home Value options are there to get someone in via this CTA?

The next component I think is powerful on a seller page/section is video.

We’ve done a few implementations of this on Renaissance

Here is one side by side:

Here is one center / full width with text

I really like JB Goodwin’s example as well

Who else has a great embedded video example?

What do you think Video on the seller page Yes / No? If yes where? (up top, in the middle? Right below the hero? In the hero?)

Next on my list are testimonials: We live in a review based world and I honestly believe that having testimonials is critical to a seller page to give that third party credibility

I like how they look on Matt Curtis’s site

Liv Real Estate also uses a stars approach

Grid / Text-based CTA’s using our stack approach is definitely something I’m a fan of

Though you should always make sure you include some CTA’s like so

One thing I see that is super common is having a whole section on selling, with multiple nav links.

@FrankPolsinello has a really nice selection of options (I love this nav too!)

And coach AJ has some stellar CTA’s (custom designed by REW agency to match his brand)

How do we feel about stats? I think used effectively they can be a strong indicator of success and builder of consumer confidence.

Once again Matt Curtis does a nice job of this: (And I love how he ties in his homes in Nicuragua)

You can also think about using some of the semi-custom (requires agency) decks in creative ways to highly your most important bullets.

For example here is the agency using one of the Decks from Carly’s site to highlight his programs.

Sounds amazing.I am 100% in!

100% agree with the strategy for more “seller” pages as most websites are buyer focused.

I think one major need from my end is for this way to have separate pages branded to our agents so that they could share as well.

I think what was very successful for us in the page was a module that included along with the property valuation calculator, was stats on the avg sale price in the area, how many homes similar to that one have sold recently, days on market…etc

But also if you have the right formula, which I imagine differs for each area is something that mentions “You’re home is in an area experiencing a ‘Seller’s Market’” and it talks about the value/opportunities of being in one.

If its a buyers market, it should default to not showing anything and just say “hey I think we can get you more than this valuation, let’s schedule some a conversation so I can show you how!”

You, @TylerMarrin myself, @stevestudley, and a few other folks with big numbers should jump on a sidebar to talk big company seller sections vs agent, team, and small brokerage. I’m sure there is a lot of overlap, but I also bet there are a lot of differences we would implement for a 1,000+ agent brokerage :slight_smile: (would be fun to meet up at an event somewhere and mastermind for a few hours)


Adding some more thoughts - what about a press section? (Especially for those who give back?)


I love the use of stats if they’re displayed in an eye-pleasing way. Numbers don’t lie! Matt Curtis just went live recently and it will be interesting to see what kind of response he gets.

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We would like to be involved in this.

That’s great. I’ve asked your Account Manager to reach out!

I’ve taken some of the elements @Morgan referenced above and created this basic wireframe to show how they COULD fit together. Keep in mind, the order is totally up to you and decks can be switched in and out. For example, you may want more emphasis on the Sold Listings and move them higher up on the page.

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What do we think of adding a google reviews deck?

I think this would fit in well on a seller page - testimonials can be a pretty powerful tool.


Love this.

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I’m definitely in. I don’t want to have pages and pages of #1 Realtor. #1 award. I made so much money etc. I think being humble but proud of your business is essential but don’t boast about being the best and most and most luxurious at everything. It’s a tired story. What is your differentiator.

I’d like to see the tools you use in marketing that sets you apart. And how about an actual estimator of value?? Not just fill in a form and I’ll get back to you. We know you have the data Morgan and the AI to do it.


Absolutely 100% interested in this @Morgan - tons of buyer leads but not many seller leads, which can be improved with the right CTA’s and landing pages, etc…