Bulk Assign Lender Leads?

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Looking to bulk assign old leads to a lender… I am able to assign to an agent but don’t see where you can assign to a Lender?

I’m not sure there is an “assign” function in the lender module. When you enable it, it provides access to future leads, but to get past leads, you may want to create them a full user and then assign them those leads (if you want them truly “Assigned” but that would unassign them from the agent)

@Aayaam can you have someone explain the details of the lender module? It’s been a while for me too.

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Hi @Morgan, that is exactly how lender module works today - there is no mass assign method for lenders to leads, we set up auto-assignment for new leads but for existing leads you need to go to each lead individually and assign the lender today.
I will add it to the list for our upcoming R&D discussion to see if there are potential quick wins regarding a lender mass assign.