Can we copy a campaign?

I have created several different campaigns. But I want to create a specific campaign based on my main one that removes the first email. In other CRM’s you can copy the campaign, rename it, & then edit it however you want. I don’t see that I can do that with the REW CRM and I hate to have to start from scratch as it’s a long campaign.

There is not a “copy campaign” button in the CRM

however -

Campaigns (generally) use form letters that are pre-saved so that you don’t have to write them over and over again.

Adding a campaign item is really just choosing a title/date.

Are you using form letters for your campaigns?

I was but I still have to set up each one up separately with times to send. It is the exact same email campaign I already have but I just want to omit the first email. Can I delete that one email and rename it to quickly create the new campaign? I don’t want to mess up my existing campaign so I haven’t tried that yet.

I don’t think that would work. I’ll ask team to think about a “copy campaign” button (and what that might take) as a future roadmap item. I think for now you’ll need to create each campaign uniquely (but you’ll only need to set title and time)

Now many items are in this campaign?

Less than I thought - only 11. I’d still rather copy & paste though. :grin:

@judyorr @Morgan, it can be quite useful to copy a campaign - either to use as a starting point (as stated) or for sharing with others to use as their own.

This is something that is possible today when viewing the list of campaigns within the REW CRM.

Use the checkbox to select the desired campaign to copy image - multiple campaigns can be selected. Afterwards, click on the first icon in the toolbar image - this will open the flyout to choose an agent.

From the flyout, select an agent to copy the campaign to - only a single agent can be selected, however there is an option to Copy to all agents at the top. To finish, click on the blue Copy button.

Once copied, the duplicated campaign will appear (with the same name) - this copy will be set as inactive and have no assigned groups - additionally any attached form letters are also copied (can get messy, but necessary).

Give this a try and let me know if it helps with what you’re doing!

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Yes! I copied it to myself & it worked & then I renamed it, and then I removed the first email. Woo hoo! Thanks for letting us know how to do it Michael.

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Learn something new every day! +1 for Michael! Thanks for asking Judy heh

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