Can you help with an experiment?

Looking for some feedback on colour schemes. Which one do you gravitate towards and why? Any that you really dislike?






@AmyPye #1 feels reliable but not boring, great for single family mid to high end #2 feels funky, young and fresh, modern condo younger crowd. #3, #4, #5 meh. That’s my two pennies…

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Thanks @brandon! I asked the question on LinkedIn as well and #2 is definitely a winner so far.

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I like #1 the best.


I don’t like #4. 1 & 3 say strong, steady and earthy to me. #2 is almost beachy as well as modern and fun. #5 is strong and bold, confident. Hope that helps!

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1 & 5 for me. 2 is too neon

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Super helpful. Thank you! I agree I get beachy feels from #2 as well.

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#1 and #4 looks very good

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Thanks @JamesSprag!

1 For sure
& 2 if you’re feeling adventurous.

The other ones remind me of wordpress generic color themes on the admin dashboard lol.

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Adventurous! I love it.

I would say #1 is the best.

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2, 4 and 5 is definitely not my type because the colors are too bright and the variety makes it somehow “unprofessional” for me. especially 4 is really bad.

between 1 and 3, i choose 3 because 1 looks very pessimistic. not only because the colors are dark but also because the ton of colors feels quite dead.

so i say 3.