Changes to Pending and pipeline in deals for REW CRM

I’m just logging the deals closed, upcoming deals, etc for our newest agent (just over a month in, 4 closed deals!)

And what I’m finding is Pipeline isn’t really reflecting what I expect it to.

What it does right now is it reports deals that are “pending” (meaning subjects removed but not yet closed) and that’s not really what I intended with pipeline.

What it “should” be reporting is the sum of all “not closed / not pending” deals. As it’s meant to be a projection of what you could sell if you closed all the deals “in your pipeline”

Now “pending” is still an important number since it’s deals that have subjects removed, but have not hit closing date, so we should have the number of pending deals (as we do now) and a new card called “Pending Volume” (the sum of all deals in pending)

@Rebecca @MattPinneo @Aayaam let’s go ahead and make this change so we can get that nice big pipeline number showing up for our agents as that is meant to be a motivator, and in our case at the Carly Carey Real Estate Team, I KNOW we have a huge pipeline of deals so I want our agents to see it :slight_smile:

  • As a sidebar, feedback from clients - on the “agents deals only” (when they have deals enabled in the backend) I’d like to remove broker commission. Several customers have said they don’t want that showing, so still keep it as is on the brokerage level, but for the agents, only show the “agent commission” card. < This request is also approved.

Thanks Morgan, the team will go ahead and make those changes now.