Community Pages for a Partial Area of a City

I’m creating my own Community Pages and need some help. I will have a Community Page for the entire city of Scottsdale. But North Scottsdale is a very desirable area and that’s where I prefer to work. I thought I’d have the ability to draw a polygon area on a map when creating the Community Page for North Scottsdale, but in the “Panel” in the communities section, the polygon isn’t a choice, as it is in other areas of the backend. I wanted to do the same thing for North Phoenix because that is the only area of Phoenix I’d prefer to work in. The MLS doesn’t have North Scottsdale or North Phoenix as separate searches, but why isn’t there the ability to create a community for those smaller areas of a large city by using a map search? Then the real estate stats would be pulled out of that map-created area only.

I think what you’re looking for is IDX snippets. /backend/idx/snippets/

You should be able to find polygon in the IDX snippets screen.

Thanks Morgan. I figured that out and I’ve been spending a long time trying to draw a polygon on a very large area with lots of twists and turns. I’d be happy just to get a nice rectangle but I’m about ready to give up! LOL!

Mapping out communities are a tedious tasks, but the it’s great niching down those pages!

I gave up on the polygon map and used zip codes - much easier!