Connecting REW CRM and Hubspot using Zapier (create or update)

Hey all,

With the latest releases of our real estate CRM and Renaissance, there are SO MANY helpful integrations you can do automagically leveraging Zapier.

Today a coaching client who uses REW websites and Hubspot for marketing automation asked if we could easily connect the two.

Of course!

Just go to and create an account (if you don’t already have one)

Select Real Estate Webmasters on the “Connect This App” and “Hubspot” on the “with this one!”

From there, simply select “Lead created” (meaning you got a new lead in your REW CRM and then select the most appropriate “then do this” - typically this will be “Create or update contact” in hubspot but there are a whole bunch of different CRM integrations you can do to hubspot such as adding to lists, or adding contacts to workflows.

Zapier is pretty intuitive from there, just follow the prompts.

Are you a Zapier user?

What is your favorite Zap and how does it help you run your business better?

Leave your best tip below :point_down:t2: