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This page on my website, Pros and Cons of Moving To and Living In Pompano Beach, FL is one of my most visited organic pages on my website with over 600 monthly visits according to Google Analytics. Would this be better as content on my city page, Pompano Beach Homes For Sale | Pompano Beach, FL Real Estate ?

Trying to figure out if these types of pages/content are better as blogs, on the city page itself, or similar content on both to best convert the traffic into registrations. There are no listings on the blog page which is why I think maybe if I put it below the listings on that page it would create more leads

I don’t want to have duplicate text on multiple pages so I’d come up with other content, but if this is already ranking well I want to maximize the opportunities from the traffic

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Hey Andy,

Thanks for hopping onto the forums!

Congratulations on the blog - it sounds like you’re really gaining some traction on Google.

In this situation, I think it’s fully reasonable to keep it separate. But, as a heads up, it looks like the link you have under the anchor text “VIEW ALL HOMES FOR SALE IN POMPANO BEACH, FL” is broken - just a small change to make in the URL.

When you have a page that’s ranking well on Google, the contextually relevant pages you link to from that blog also get a small share of that page authority, so you’ve got the right idea so far.

On your city page, it looks like you have around 1,600 words, which is a good place to be. Something I would recommend is tweaking the content on that page just to keep things fresh. You can absolutely take some cues from your blog post, and add some of that to your city page, providing you don’t use the content word-for-word.

I haven’t looked at your blog catalogue yet, but I would recommend that since you’ve found some success with the Pompano Beach/Pompano Beach, FL keywords, keep creating content specific to that keyword and link them together - also called a cluster/pillar page, if you’re not familiar.

That link is regarding our Global MLS project, but the concept stands true here, as well.

Let me know if you have any questions! I’m happy to chat.