Converting on Landing Page

I need some advice. Thanks to REW’s platform, I am generating SEO traffic to several of my pages. BUT, it’s not converting. I’m looking for recommendations on how to increase conversion on these pages. I’ve got typeform forms but should I implement a chat service? Overall, I’m very happy about the increased traffic and I know I can do anything with the platform. I just need to know what any of you recommend. By the way, let me be clear. My Adwords PPC forced registration IS converting. This is for my SEO traffic.

I think the issue is that for organic you don’t get to control the targeting as well as with PPC so often times (especially because these are blog posts) you are either A: giving them exactly what they were looking for in that article and thus there is no CTA luring them to go further or B: the traffic simply isn’t of a converting variety (thus not targeted).

In a perfect world you would construct your blog posts in an intentful way that was not just informative and SEO friendly, but was also structured to compel folks to contact you. Example: Hold a little back and invite them to contact you for the rest of the details etc.

Make sure they are relevant inquiries though, not just inquiries