CRM Roadmap - What's next for REW Customer Relationship Management?

Texting Auto responders. Are we allowed to do this in CANSPAM? If so, would love to do it for texting module. And of course blast texting would be great too!

I think due to the overwhelming amount of leads that these awesome sites generate (PPC or Organic) smart tags are imperative for managing the flow over time… with a 2-4yr purchasing timeline with leads, it helps to have tagging, not only to keep track of leads but what they are interested in ie: a specific type of property/condo/townhouse incl bedrooms and then locations in your area. With tagging we have multiple opportunities to reach out to clients on specific new listings that are generated every day.

We are having incredible conversion with texting new leads…with the proper scripts our leads are converting with specific criteria through text communication.

I need to pick your brain on texting scripts :slight_smile:

On the tagging topic: What do you mean by “smart tags” and how are they different from Groups?

It would be nice to have the crm notify you if someone has viewed a propery X# of times - agents could set the number where they would like to be notified.

That is a GREAT idea Derek! Thanks @lisamoore capture please

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VIEW CONTACT HISTORY ACROSS COMPANY/TEAMS. One of our biggest issues is being able to view communication with a specific contact by others. When a Managing Partner communicates with an Agent’s contact, the agent cannot see the history. The quote for a custom fix was $1,600. This seems like an obvious tool capability. Thanks. George Alexander, SWPRE CFO. 713.918.9951.

Can you clarify what you mean by “when a managing partner communicates with a client” are they using the CRM? Using the send email, or text functions?

When will we be seeing the new CRM if we have an existing Discover site/CRM?

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Hi Anna, we have started to roll out the updates across all clients through a phased approach throughout the month of October. Please feel free to reach out again if you don’t receive the update by the end of this month. Thank you! Lisa

Like with Facebook you can target a postal code in their ads and in FUB a leads search captures the postal code as a tag so you can batch email tags by postal code for leads interested in properties in that postal code. You can then target those postal codes in your FB ads.
REW groups require setup while FUB tags are automatic.
I havent used the new CRM yet but i like that when sending an email you can drop in the MLS listing so the client is understanding which property you are addressing. But i find it confusing on mobile when an inquiry is made as to which property they are inquiring about.
one of the main reasons i use both REW and FUB is they both offer different ways to engage and I am hoping REW CRM will allow for better ways to engage. Can a leads email be searched through to their Social Media for remarketing audience purposes? Just asking?

Agree with Derek. Another thing would be to see ALL the pages that a person viewed. This could help with determining the leads with the most intent to work with a company. For instance if a lead looked at the About Us page and Client Testimonials page that would show intent.

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You can already see the leads visits in REW CRM :slight_smile:

Hi Joe, currently lead emails cannot be searched through to their social media for remarketing purposes but I understand what you’re looking to do so will add this to our list for the team to review! I will also look into the mobile experience when an inquiry is made and follow up with you with any clarifying questions.
Thank you for your feedback!

Similar feedback. Would love to sort leads by A-Z at the very least.

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RE gmail integration - that sounds great! Would be really nice if reminders that have a time & date could be displayed on my gmail calendar. Maybe a ‘check to add to my gmail calendar’ option? I’d also LOVE to be able to share a contact from my REW acct to my gmail contacts & vice versa.

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Last long shot request. We’d LOVE to be able to view our text messages with a client along with email in the REW lead system. Would be so helpful to see all types of communication in one place. I know this is a bunch of systems so probably a long shot but would be amazing!

Hi Jess, thank you for your feedback. Great suggestions and I’ve captured them to review with our team. Welcome to the REW Forum Community and keep any/all ideas coming our way!

If you have the texting module, you should be able to send and receive text messages via the twillio integration in the backend today.

Can you share some of your texting scripts or where they are seen?