CRM Training Videos?

Super exciting times! We launched the next gen / new website last week, []

As a Team Leader of 15 Agents, we are all newbies to the new CRM. Is there a Training video series I can provide for my Team to get started?


Hello, This has some great information in it. I hope that helps. Please let me know If you need anything further.

Hi Geoff, the link sent me to a login. Is there a video we can without logging in?

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Thank you @Geoff… are there any trainings available forward facing for our Team?

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Hi Renee,

My name is Kyle,

Here are some links that you can share with the agents as well as instructions accessing our help center. Please let me know if there was anything specific you were wanting to share with your new agents.

Accessing Our Help Center
Looking to learn all about how to use your new site? Access our Help Center to find video tutorials walkthroughs and more.

It is easy to setup - just request to setup a new password on the login page ( (tip - look on the right hand side for “Have you emailed us? Get a password”). Click here ( to start exploring the amazing power behind your new site.

Links and walkthroughs for agents

Working a lead in the crm


Creating drip campaigns

Creating a group

Creating a Form letter

Updating user preferences

Leads App

To contact Support email:


Hi Renee,

I found this as well


REW wants the Individual Team Members to initiate an account? I thought the account log in was for the customer.

Are any of the trainings available for us to send to our Agents, without a log in?

@Morgan Please confirm… Thank you!

Hey @ReneeFunk,

I wanted to follow up with you regarding your original request. Our marketing team has put together a new channel containing our most popular how-to videos. You can share this link with your team, and there is no sign-in required.

Please let me know if you have further questions!

Squad lead, Customer Success Manager

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@Lys_Glassford Oh my goodness! I missed this post notification!

Thank you for this follow up and solution. :grinning: