CRM Update Now Search Results Pulling Bad Info?

After I updated my CRM a few weeks ago I started to notice pages in the SERPs pulling in H1 Tags and random dynamic data instead of the page titles and meta descriptions. I thought it was a brief and isolated incident but now it is pulling info like this on every page. It looks especially bad on the homepage results. What could be causing this?

I @BenFisherPC Thanks for reporting this issue to support as well. I’ve taken a look and implemented a fix for this. It appears it was using the snippet title for the title of the page. The change live now, and I’ll ask that support follow up with you via the ticket you submitted as soon as possible.


@Aayaam can you make sure we get this addressed with Ted and team? Needs to be fixed platform wide.

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@BenFisherPC @Morgan We got this! Thanks for reporting it. @nuge

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@BenFisherPC @Morgan I have a quick update on the above request. Based on early assessments, our Product Operations team confirmed that this issue is prioritized to be fixed and released as a part of our next operations release scheduled for mid of next month. I will keep you posted if anything changes between then and now. Thanks again!