Custom avatars in your real estate CRM - dumb idea or bloody brilliant?

Tonight I was doing some QA on @Pozek really cool lead pool agent idea (you can read that thread here) and in a moment of cheekiness, I suggested we use Ken’s face in the sidebar.

At first, I thought… well that’s just silly.

And then I was like, hmmmmm let me mock it up (properly!)

Here’s the mockup

And I actually,… well I kinda like it!

The idea is this. There are all these little cartoons in the CRM that add some flair to the fly outs. We could build a feature in the backend that allows you to “overwrite” or personalize your various sidebars etc.

So what do you think? Dumb idea, or super cool? (somewhere in the middle)??

I like it! Makes it all the more personal. Is that text below the image customizable too? “Morgan says…whoaaa delete is permanent!” :sweat_smile:

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Hahah! So my agents would see me on the sidebar like the guy in Jurassic Park “ah ah ah…you didn’t say the magic word” before deleting/changing? I think that’s awesome.

Soooo +1 for customized avatars?

I actually think it could be a fun way for culture-based companies to have a little fun with their marketing / CRM.

We would likely use REWPert for instance since he’s becoming more and more a part of our daily at

Ok, well depending on the technical issues around it (if it wouldn’t break anything) I’m kinda thinking. Why not!

And I think we should include the ability to customize text too, good call @AmyPye - it would allow for educational moments and or reminders/enforcement of policy/guidelines as well.

@Aayaam @Rebecca let’s add this to the discussion list. Need estimate :slight_smile: