Custom avatars in your real estate CRM - dumb idea or bloody brilliant?

Tonight I was doing some QA on @Pozek really cool lead pool agent idea (you can read that thread here) and in a moment of cheekiness, I suggested we use Ken’s face in the sidebar.

At first, I thought… well that’s just silly.

And then I was like, hmmmmm let me mock it up (properly!)

Here’s the mockup

And I actually,… well I kinda like it!

The idea is this. There are all these little cartoons in the CRM that add some flair to the fly outs. We could build a feature in the backend that allows you to “overwrite” or personalize your various sidebars etc.

So what do you think? Dumb idea, or super cool? (somewhere in the middle)??

I like it! Makes it all the more personal. Is that text below the image customizable too? “Morgan says…whoaaa delete is permanent!” :sweat_smile:

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Hahah! So my agents would see me on the sidebar like the guy in Jurassic Park “ah ah ah…you didn’t say the magic word” before deleting/changing? I think that’s awesome.

Soooo +1 for customized avatars?

I actually think it could be a fun way for culture-based companies to have a little fun with their marketing / CRM.

We would likely use REWPert for instance since he’s becoming more and more a part of our daily at

Ok, well depending on the technical issues around it (if it wouldn’t break anything) I’m kinda thinking. Why not!

And I think we should include the ability to customize text too, good call @AmyPye - it would allow for educational moments and or reminders/enforcement of policy/guidelines as well.

@Aayaam @Rebecca let’s add this to the discussion list. Need estimate :slight_smile:

Great idea and I could see us taking advantage of it. Many brokerages and/or regions of the country have different real estate vocabulary and customs. In those cases, we could tweak the wording to better match how we communicate or work, which makes it easier for our brokers to understand. I can see this being very helpful for some companies. Other companies that don’t need it can continue using the defaults which are already good as is.

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