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I’m not sure if it’s the right place to post this, but I got an email from Google Search Console that schema is being deprecated. Apparently, this email went out yesterday to a ton of people. I even saw people mention it on LinkedIn.

Is everyone being affected by it? Do we all have to make changes to our website? I was told by REW support yesterday that I will need to have custom work done to make this change. I’m not sure how much effort or cost it will be.

What’s everyone doing?


I don’t even know what that is Russel, can you expand on this and how it is used on your site?

There is no chatter in R & D on this

Hey Morgan,

Honestly, I’m not sure how it’s used on my website. All I know is that I received an email from Google Search Console saying that it will be deprecated and that is the new standard. I did some research and found this article from Google.

Hi @RUSSELLVOLK - I saw this post and thought I would chime in as I was looking into this for another customer yesterday. It’s your breadcrumb links.


Basically, those data-vocabulary links need to be updated to the new way. Here’s an example I found that shows the differences:

In order to change that, it’ll require a developer to go in and make the changes with a small custom project. I see recently you’ve been communicating with Jason - so I’ll give him the heads up of this as well.


Thanks Aaron. I guess that’s the custom project I had done several years ago. Question. What if I don’t make any changes? Will there be a negative impact?

I think the what could happen is that if you google is using the schema data to display what appears in the SERPS. Then it would stop doing that.

So like where it shows this part highlighted in yellow:


Google will sometimes use the schema micro data to display that. But Google is a mysterious, so they might just still display that, or maybe the will not like having the invalid code there, so there are some unknowns here as well. I think it would be “best” to have it updated.


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Thanks Aaron. I appreciate the explanation.

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