Deals in REW CRM

@Morgan Hi! Is there any update on the Beta projects REW has started? I would love to see Deals done asap. With Dropdowns and the ability to change our businesses. i.e Buyer, Seller, Renters, Owners Thanks

Hello Joe,

Yes there are updates being worked on constantly for REW CRM (including the deals feature)

We’re currently working on customizable cards (you decide which cards you want to see (and don’t) what order etc, graphing of deals using the new REW Insights, making adjustments to how pipeline works and a whole bunch of other things as well.

Being able to add other types (rentals) for instance is on the roadmap as well

Q: Are you attending REW SUmmit in June? 2024 REW Summit we’re actually doing an in person roadmap session where we take you through everything that is coming, but then we do a whole 1 hour round table feedback session on how to make the product better. What YOU want to see in the product.

We’d love to have you if you can make it.