Details page, above the fold need feedback

Working on the Sagittarius details page and I need some feedback on the “above the fold” section.

Here is the working mockup of just the top part. What are your thoughts?

I feel like the “Save” is wasted where it is, that area could be used for a CTA for a virtual walkthrough or something (and the save icon can easily be moved somewhere else)

Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

I’m thinking we move the little heart icon top left (or to the left of price maybe?) and then beside “Ask A Question” (which we need to change the text on anyways) so imagine 2 CTA’s there (similar size to the current green one) - Request Tour and maybe “Send Me Info” or something.

@rchohan can you mock that up? Maybe make the other CTA a strong Yellow or Blue?

This next section definitely needs to have the agent contact info (Photo, Phone, Click To Text etc) I would put the agent contact card to the right of the description (it does not need to take the full width of the screen) so basically the agent contract card would be below the 2 CTA’s and description would be pushed to the left.

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I definitely like how this is looking

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Looks great!
Are the pics to be full width on mobile view?
I have the Hybrid and the pics are too small on mobile… I believe the Discover had a much better full width pic on listing details page.

Here are two options I have mocked up.

Option 1:

  • The save icon sits on top of the large image
  • Two CTA’s being displayed Request Info & Request Showing (aligned to the right) on the navigation bar
  • Agent displayed in the sidebar (image, title, name, email, cell, CTA button)

Option 2:

  • A save button sits on top of the large image
  • Two CTA’s being displayed Contact Agent & Request Info (aligned to the right) on the navigation bar
  • Agent displayed in sidebar (image, title, name, email, cell)

I would like to know what are the most important / valuable CTA button’s you could have on this page to help grab a lead.

Look forward to getting some feedback :slight_smile:

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How about this CTA: “Make Offer”

Not sure every customer can support that, but I have an event better idea! Let’s just allow users to change the text of the button (inside limited characters) and also change the content of the modal form so you can make it “Whatever You Want” :slight_smile:


way better idea!

@Morgan This sounds like a good idea.

Love the top two options - Heart shape save icon on the first picture and the agent display with the contact agent button. Perfecto!

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