Different Font Faces

I’ve searched all over the forums for anything related to fonts and can’t really find anything. I would love the ability to change font faces throughout the platform. Having a geometrical, sans serif font throughout the site would be awesome. Having the ability to change the fonts would allow for more customization and the opportunity to create a different “feel” for each end users site and give us the opportunity to match our branding style. It would be especially helpful for the blog as well to create that extra touch.

Hi @MattFranklin - the fonts are totally customizable, but we do it on our end for you. There are a lot of reasons for this… but a big one is because we want to ensure that the websites are ADA compliant. The wrong font style, colour or size can affect this. If you’d like to change the fonts on your site to match your branding, you would just need to contact your Account Manager. Hopefully that helps!

@AmyPye Thanks Amy, I spoke to my CSM and account manager about getting this stuff quoted out. Thanks!

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@MattFranklin Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.