Do We Really Need to Verify Email Address from Yahoo, Hotmail, etc?

What is everyone doing with leads that don’t verify their Yahoo, Hotmail, etc accounts?
REW is there any way we can get the verification removed for these leads? We have quite a few “real leads” with email addresses that aren’t verified and therefore can’t be sent new listing alerts.

If a lead has not verified their email address, then they’re not receiving auto-notifications? Someone from REW please chime in and confirm.

I am pretty sure that is a requirement for those specific providers (not all providers @Maui) but i am not sure if it can be turned off or not. I will check with the team and get back to you. Of course we need to make sure we (and you) are GDPR, CanSpam and SpamHaus compliant wherever possible.

@Aaron and @Aayaam can we chat on this?

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BTW, my vote is to turn that off too if we can :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, it definitely helps. Stay safe and healthy, my friend.


I know the reason historically that we implemented this was because those providers did not like getting the saved search and campaign emails sent to them with such frequency, as well users would mark the saved search emails as spam and so they would end up either blocking the servers or rate limiting the amount of emails we could send them. So the verification process was added to help elevate the amount of emails and the amount of people flagging these emails as spam. The idea was if they verified their email then they would be more likely to not label it as spam.

Since the move to send Grid for REW’s SMTP sending of emails, I believe as well that we can turn this off as we’re not sending the emails in the same way. I actually thought that if you switched the site to use your own sendGrid logins ( on the settings page ) then it would remove this requirement. I’ll do some investigation on that though and let you know what I find.

Those of you who are asking about it, do you have your own Sendgrid account? Sounds like that might solve the issue. Obviously if it’s on REW’s Sendgrid, we must adhere to strict guidelines so we don’t get our accounts blocked altogether by Yahoo / Hotmail etc but if they are your accounts, sounds like it can be turned off.

I just linked Mandrill to my account with a few leads not verified yet. I’m not sure if that takes care of the issue moving forward or what happens to the leads that haven’t been verified.

@Aaron can you check on this for Derrik Carlson?

I just tested it out on using my old hotmail account. I wasn’t asked to Verify.

@realestateinparkcity switching to mandrill won’t verify the existing leads, but as new leads come in they won’t be asked to verify.

So I can confirm that if you’re using the Mandrill or SendGrid Mail settings in the backend, then the new leads who are using the Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL email accounts won’t be required to verify.


Disregard. It works.

I have two questions.

One, if I switch to Mandrill or SendGrid, will leads using Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. email accounts not be required to Verify? That would be great!

Two, in the old CRM, we had a red notice on for each lead that did not verify: Unverified. What happened to that notice in the new CRM? Without it, I’ve got to search Activities to find out. It’s time consuming.

One: Still recommended (since it’s in their TOS) but you can risk your own IP reputation at your own peril (you can ask to have it turned off on your own IP)

Two: Do you have smart searches? This should be very easy with smart searches.

I don’t have smart searches. I’ll reach out to Jeff Pady (who, by the way, is the best!) to add them. It would be helpful though to have the Unverified notation in red for unverified leads.