Don't Forget Your Automated Comms during COVID / Corona

On the topic of technology and communications, it is REALLY important that you review your autoresponders for all of your website forms, as well as your text autoresponder (if you have the texting module, which you should have) and of course any automation you have for follow up.

For REW customers, I would recommend the following list: (place the folder after your backend URL when logged in)

  • List item Form autoresponders: make sure you have reviewed all “active” autoresponders. Ensure your messaging is appropriate for the times and that there is not any insensitive or overly sales like messaging that may be tone-deaf right now. Find it at /leads/auto_responders/

  • List item REW Text autoresponder. This is for those using the texting module in the CRM. You can find it at /settings/partners/rew-text/autoresponders/

  • List item Email campaigns. Chances are you have not reviewed these in a while anyways, now is a good time. You could have some campaigns running on autopilot that you’d really like to change. You can find them here: /leads/campaigns/

  • List item Action Plans (these are a mix of follow up tasks including automated emails, texts etc, you can review them here: /leads/action_plans/

  • List item IDX Registration Form Message: Now would be a great time to change this message to address the current Corona situation. This is the message your users see when they are asked to register. Edit it here: /settings/idx/ (you can also edit the login and social connect content here as well)

  • List item Saved Search Email (huge opportunity here) did you know you can edit the content that goes out with your IDX Saved Searches? These are likely your highest volume comms, and are a great spot to make sure your message is being heard. You can edit them here: /settings/idx/savedsearches/

  • List item Your Own Email Auto Responders. If you have one on, is it appropriate messaging for right now?

  • List item Your signatures: Check them everywhere. Emails, templates, blasts etc it is a good place to put a kind message along with your contact info, or just keep it to just your contact info (but make sure it doesn’t have sales taglines or overly promotional messages.

What other automatic followup tasks can you think of that we need to make sure we review?