Drips campaign setups

Hi @Morgan, i was wondering if REW offers the setup for DRIP CAMPAIGN ?
for Buyers & Sellers. And also do we have a template for us to understand when
is the best time to build our CRM DRIP CAMPAIGNS ? I really want to build it before
i can work to buy GOOGLE ADDS. So it can be easy for me to do the follow ups…



It’s not an official service, but we do have copywriters on staff who are more than capable of setting up campaigns in the REW CRM. Ideally though, your campaigns would have your “touch” as would represent your USP’s, if you can write them (but need help implementing) our CSM’s can also be booked for “implementation” time at an hourly rate. It really doesn’t take long once you have them written.

You can always ask support to show you “how” to do it also and of course come to these boards for ideas.

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