Early Sneak Peek into what's coming next in April 2021 Release!

Today we are bringing you a light spring reading of our sizzling hot new product features!
Before we get you all excited (just as we are!), a polite heads up that things may change, as is the case with any product release. Some of these features may need some extra love before they are ready for you!

So without further ado, here we go -


  1. Introducing the new Seller Page template option that you can select in your CMS! It comes pre-set with default Seller CTAs (Call to Actions) to target folks who are looking to sell their home!

  2. We continue to improve the Blog experience - this iteration will see blogs displaying Image, Author Name, Title, Date, and an intuitive web-accessible CTA (commonly known as a button)!.

  3. Now, you can configure Mortgage calculator backend settings such as interest rate, down payment %, and length of mortgage based on your target audience.

  4. We have also added the About and Features header to the listing details page as standard options.

  5. There will be a default Youtube icon with a social tag option available in the footer now.

  6. We have updated the listing details pagination - New Previous & Next button displays in the top section now!

  7. Header navigation will have 3 columns by default

  8. We have fixed an issue related to images being cut-off in the WYSIWYG in some cases


  1. The action plans with “day 0” tasks can be set right away (you do not have to wait for 24 hours anymore).

  2. Now you can multi-select property types when creating IDX saved searches for the leads (similar to front end lead experience)

  3. We have increased the limit of the “CMS > Pages” screen from 10 results per page to 100!

  4. Now the “snippets used” opens in a new tab in your CMS

Apart from this list, the upcoming release will also include some under-the-hood bug fixes, security updates, and product hardening tasks.

Thank you everyone for building better product experiences with us by actively participating in these forums and sharing your feedback!


This is so exciting. Thanks for sharing @Aayaam! I know @RichardSoto was asking about the YouTube icon.


@Calgary @AudreyReid @NGarrett @livrealestate @Greg : The detailed listings nav we were discussing on another thread is being implemented, amongst other exciting changes. :slight_smile:

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This is exciting! Can’t wait for my newly updated site to be ready!!!


@Aayaam what’s the ETA on this release?

It’s expected to be in the installers by April 29th, 2021.

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Hi guys, is this in the installer yet? And if my dev site was already installed, how do I ensure it’s patched before my customizations start getting worked on? Thanks as always!

Hi @GerryT, Yes it’s in the installer! We will make sure you get the latest patch before your customisations are built. @AmyPye @matthutchings for your visibility


When your clients know TOO MUCH! :smiley: