Email question for REW CRM

I was on the Zoom Day in the Life of an Agent. I’ve always questioned my email delivery rate as I just have my Gmail connected to my REW CRM but I don’t have Workspace/G Suite. I want deliverability and open stats.

My question is why would I want to upgrade to Workspace/G Suite as a single agent? What does it offer more than what I already have with regular Gmail (I have one of my domains going to Gmail - Does it provide reports?

I use Mandrill to deliver emails which has helped with new listings going to spam. Mandrill also sends a weekly update with # of Emails Sent, Open Rate, Bounce Rate, Click Rate, etc.

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I read a post comparing Mandrill vs Sendgrid, and it sounds like Sendgrid has higher deliverability - with the exception of Microsoft email. MailChimp has a higher all-around rating than expected. They all have pros and cons so maybe I’ll just stick with Gmail, although I’d like to know if Workspace/G Suite provides any stats and if it’s worth upgrading to.