Embed YouTube Video Responsively

Hi REW Community,

Working on some video embed from YouTube on our current REW website (not Renaissance) and we are having challenges embedding YouTube videos that are not in a 2-column snippet that we have and not cutting off in mobile.

Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated!

Here is the 2-column snippet that is worked fairly well responsively:

        <div class="column -width-1/2 -width-1/1@md -width-1/1@sm">
            <div class="section__body">

What does ‘Team’ mean to The Funk Collection?

Collaborative Strengths of The Team

The Funk Collection comes from an abundant mindset, with consistency and good habits each day. You are invited to grab onto the chain. Team Members need to (at least) hold on tightly. Don’t worry, the team is strong and can pull you.

As you gain your footing, take note with self awareness of the strength and talents you bring. You are here on purpose and not by accident. You have value to make an impact with. Take note of the strength and momentum you feel continuing to build.

When you are able to stand, you are expected to pull too. Together, the team has the strength to pull a pretty big load. However, the Team does not push a chain.

Hi Jen,
If you want to embed videos directly onto a page (responsively) rather than using a 2-column snippet, you can generate a responsive embed code online and paste that into the page’s source code. Here’s a site I like to use to generate responsive embed codes https://embedresponsively.com/. You just plug in your youtube link, click on “embed” and it will generate a responsive code that you can copy and paste into your page.