Enhanced Listing Page Examples

Hi there… we are starting to dive into the enhanced listing pages on our site. Have you been utilizing the enhanced listings? If yes, please share…I would love to see a few examples, and hear any thoughts feedback on leveraging this tool.

Below are a few examples from our new website:

Thank you!

These look great! Make sure you follow my feed for the launch of Vision 360 Gallery (one of my side projects) allows for a lot more implementation of various media types. Coming very soon!

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Is there a way to toggle on/off the forced registration for the enhanced listings? There are times we utilize this link, and we do NOT want forced reg turned on.

Not specifically no, but there is a customization we’ve done (@Aayaam we should add this to saggitarius btw) whereby we put a ?noreg after any URL and and stops that from forcing. Requires a bit of coding on existing sites as it’s not a standard feature.


Sounds good. I have made a note of it! Thanks @ReneeFunk and @Morgan!