Enhanced listing

Virtual tour or immoviewer not properly Accessible on mobile. Icon for immoviewer too small and needs to be more legible like 360 tour. Also unless you hit contact agent there is no tour available for lead to open on mobile. Can this be fixed.

Which platform are you using Joe? And can you screenshot where this is? @lisamoore can log it for future consideration / updates

here is the laptop link https://www.etobicokehomes4sale.com/listing/w4622339-21-oldham-rd-toronto-ontario-m9a2b8/
You can see the immoviewer icon. on Mobile you have to click Contact Agent and prospects will not know what this icon is or what it does. Thanks for your reply.
Also at ReMax Convention in Banff Brivity has come out with what they call seller sites and their Market Snapshot. Top Producer was never able to provide Market Snapshot to our Board and are still not able to . Will REW be offering a similar product