Enhanced listings/single property website

This is a pretty basic feature of most other real estate websites that is severely lacking in REW/Renaissance.

Without uploading newer or high-quality pictures directly into REW, the pictures that syndicate from the MLS show up blurry and distorted and (imo) worse than the regular listing details page.

There is no option to upload/embed any other enhanced media like video tours, floor plans, matterport, or really any other information. There’s virtually no distinguishing factor between an enhanced listing and a regular listing on the website which makes this almost a useless function. There’s so much potential with this but it feels like it’s been completely neglected.

Are there any plans to build out or expand the capabilities of enhanced listings or single property sites beyond looking almost identical to the regular listing page?

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We’d like to see a more robust page editor function too. We’ve added html into the text editor as a work-around, so we’re at least able to present video/3D tours,…It’s not ideal (the html shows in some previews (eg. social posts), but it’s better than just straight text. We’ve also got 301 set-up so the idx page points to our ‘exclusive listing’ page.

I didn’t even think to do that. But the point remains, this is an almost useless feature as-is. So many other companies have beautiful single property sites for listings…

I would like to see that as well. Our business is 90% listings and I wish their was a way to have the enhanced listing pages.
Eric Peterson

It’s absolutely on the list - we recognize this is a feature people would love and it is on the roadmap.

My idea was to have a WYSIWYG editor (or several) in the enhance area so not only could you change out photos etc, but you could embed this like Matterport, videos, whatever. (Basically build out your own html sections within the framework of the listing, similar to a CMS page)

On the enhanced photos side - you should be able to replace photos already (you could in older frameworks) but I think it does change the format.

In a perfect world, you could choose “classic” format (just replacing fuzzy MLS pics with higher res) or we’d have alternative formats.

@AmyPye didn’t you and @livrealestate work on something front end wise for this recently as well? Can you share the mock?

We did! Here is the mock up we were working on. @Morgan