Enhanced listings/single property websites

Is there any way to upload floorplans or other videos to the single property website? Ideally, if we have videos on the neighborhood/amenities, a floor plan, or any other media like that I’d love a way to upload it. Does that exist?

Also, is there a way to make that site unbranded so it is safe to publish on the MLS?

For video, you can’t “upload” but you can link to a Youtube video

This then allows your users to toggle between video and photos.

If you choose single property website as a checkmark on enhanced it also removes branding (header and footer) I think you can also just add ?spw to the end of the URL of any enhanced listing to make it a single property website.

Depends on what you mean by floorplans, if they are images then yes, you can upload them, if they are more complex (videos, matterport etc) then we don’t support the upload / storage of such media)

@Aayaam - I just had a super simple yet powerful idea we can likely sneak into the next release to make the SPW far more flexible.

Change this input from basic text to WYSIWYG

This would give users FAR more control of the listings area right below the main media

Like so: (put this into our queue please) - use same code controls as the agent bio WYSIWYG


Thanks @Morgan and @AndyM the team have added this enhancement to their workload.

Well that was easy! :smiley:

Glad I posted!!

We’re glad you do too Andy. You’ve been a great new addition to the community, and I really appreciate your feedback.