Enterprise | Staff on Roster

For Enterprise clients, anyone who has staff members.

Do you include your staff on your roster? We have over 40 members on our staff that we’ve inputted as agents so that they can be displayed on the website to show our awesome staff.

We notice that this is now taking a toll on our total count of end user licenses. Are you guys including your staff members in your roster or no?
If not, are there alternatives you are exploring?

I know we could create a custom page and setup snippets to manual do these changes but that can be tedious to just maintain and have to remember to adjust in the event anything changes.

The backend already includes agents, teams, offices, associates, and lenders. Staff would be a good inclusion or at least an option where we can have a vanity profile without paying for the services, since they are not utilized by those folks.

The manual creation was the workaround I was going to suggest, but as you say, it can be a bit of work. We do have a “roster only” module that we never technically launched for Renaissance (was for enterprise only), the idea was to be able to add to the roster but “not” have a subdomain or CRM access. I think we had planned on charging like $2 a user or something much less for it. We could always chat about that offline (potentially modding it for your purposes)

The one thing to note though - is that roster only is truly roster only, your staff would not have any kind of login to the backend (admin or otherwise) and so could not do any tasks back there, so that only works if they are actually not using the backend.

If they are using the backend, then our TOS requires them to have a login, and it should be paid for (since it’s being used).

Could definitely offline this with Stephanie if you wanted to explore it in more detail.