Event Reminders and Feature Requests

Hi, can we add a reminder option for the day and time we want to be reminded of events that we add? I’m getting email notifications for an event but they are only being received at the time the event was scheduled for or after.

Is there a way to sync events (not action plan tasks) to our personal calendars such as google cal?

The bell icon for tasks only shows us action plan tasks. Can events that we schedule, such as a phone call/ email/ follow up, also be added there? We find it would be helpful if each time we logged in the morning we can see all of our to do’s, tasks, follow-ups etc whether they are part of an action plan or not.

Can the CRM show if a lead has opened an email?

Can a feature be added whereby when a lead replies to an email or text the action plan is immediately stopped or paused?


I would love to see events and tasks sync to our agent’s device calendars. If an alert pings on their phone calendar, it’s almost certain they’ll see it. It really helps for the agents that haven’t built the habit to log into CRM regularly. Or agents who have email inbox chaos (me) and may overlook email alerts.

So many good questions!

That would be great, agreed!

Been on the R & D backlog forever - just always gets bumped for higher requested features (still on roadmap, still a good idea)

There is a thread on this - it’s one of the more near term items (@Phil can you share the most recent mockup?)

Similar to the calender - super common request, really should get in there. (We need to hire more R & D programmers @Aayaam so many good requests!

DONE! (like actually) this just came out… this week I think?

All great suggestions, thanks @GFeldstein

If I could make one request of you for your future posts - can you break them up, one topic per post? It allows for a deeper conversation around that specific feature (clients love to riff off each others suggestions). But either way, keep em coming. Some great ideas my man.

Thanks a lot Morgan. And noted regarding breaking things up!

Morning Glenn,

Just sending the steps, as I know there are a lot of new forum community users that may not be as familiar with the great Action Plan feature in the CRM:

  1. Go to CRM > My Setup > Action Plans

  2. Add new Action Plan

  3. Add plan name, label color and description

  4. Choose schedule days

  5. Choose automations

5a. Auto-assign from form submission if you would like leads to be assigned when they fill out certain forms

5b. Choose if you would like leads to be removed from action plans when you receive a text and/or email

  1. Assign the tasks of the action plan

**Note - not everyone has a text module in their CRM but can reach out to their Account Manager if they want it added.

Text and Gmail would of course need to be integrated

Anyone need further help, our Customer Care team loves helping set up action plans: support@rew.com

This is a concept… & needs some work. But the concept is to have expandable “stacks” so that it’s a little easier to manage your workflow. In some cases, tasks can be completed inline.


Love it. That would be awesome. Thanks!