Exclusine Listing feed to My IDX feed

We have a number of Exclusive Listings that don’t show up in our listing IDX feed… I don’t like the name “Pocket Listing” for public display. How do I create a listing that is not on MLS that shows up under my listings. Thank you,

Hello @mikescholte,

If a listing does not currently exist on the IDX feed you can create a listing that will be displayed with the use of a snippet called cms-listings.

To create a listing visit ‘Listings’ in the backend of the website:

Click the big blue, '+Add New’ button and select listings, you will now be directed to a new screen where you can manually create a new listing. As this listing is not connected to the IDX feed you will be required to manually update it if there are any changes to the price or status.
To display the listing you can place the snippet #cms-listings# on any content page.
*Please note that if you have imported any listings into the site from the IDX feed these listings will also be displayed under the #cms-listings# snippet.

To learn more about importing and creating listings please view our helpful support center article by clicking here.

Squad Lead, Customer Success Manager

Thany you… It worked however it pulled over some old listings. I deleted all but one says “error occured! The selected listing could not be deleted>” what am I doing wrong