Facebook Ad Conversion Rates

Does anyone have any reliable data on Google PPC conversion rates vs Facebook ads? Facebook ad leads are obviously cheaper but any significant number of sales (not sphere sales, new clients)?

Are you talking “lead to sale” conversions? Unfortunately I don’t have any larger customers that report on both (we don’t do a ton of FB over here so don’t have a lot of that data).

But perhaps we can put together a comparison of the 2 from folks that do one side or the other.

Was just having this conversation the other day on adwords with a user who tracks well on adwords and they were at 2.91% of the leads captured “this year” to sales to date. So adding in deals from past years it’s likely higher.

CPL in that market is around $15 to complete the calculation if you’re doing the math so a CPA around $550

Do you have FB numbers Marc?

Yes, lead to sale conversions.

2.91% is great. Vacation home markets tend to have a lower conversion rate because they don’t need to buy something and will only do so after they have fallen in love with a property. I can see a difference in conversion rates between Sarasota and St. Pete FL because Sarasota is more vacation home oriented.

I don’t have FB numbers. I know they are lower. Just wondering if those leads are worth pursuing at all.

I think they are, especially with retargeting and making sure you get them to follow your page and potentially even adding them to your social. One thing I know for sure, folks who love to connect on social… Love to connect on social :slight_smile:

I have agents now buying in to 3rd party folk setting them up with Facebook ads and it sucks because the quality of them is so low that they’re going to be very very busy without much to show for it I’m afraid.

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Yeah, it’s tough when people get sold on volume vs value. Easy to get sucked in for $5 leads. Who wouldn’t want that right? (unless they are doggy doo doo and waste your time!)