Facebook Leads to REW CRM

Facebook and social ads/lead generation.

We have a missing link in that the Facebook “Lead Form” needs a CRM linked to it to send the leads to in order to give a notification…Facebook doesn’t notify you directly when someone provides their contact info in response to an ad.

Is a Facebook integration something that REW has? Has looked into? Considering adding soon? I imagine this would be very similar to the Zillow integration but I could be wrong on that.

Hi Colton,

I have heard some people having success using Zapier with their Face Book Leads Ads. I found this link:

I believe it’s a paid Zap, or you have to be on one of to premium Zapier accounts, but that’s one way you could try to get the facebook leads into the REW CRM.

There is information about REW’s Zapier Integration here: https://support.realestatewebmasters.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002430623-Integrations?fbclid=IwAR310lDSAe35gE_-PjH2LUS2P-GKcEl6Zk4LTjDxg3sdMuApJW11CnRrMZ8#zapier


It is on our roadmap as well @Aayaam pinging you to see if it has a known ETA.

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Apologies for the late response. Yes, I can confirm its on our roadmap and ETA is Q2 2020 (May - June 2020 shipping timeframe).

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Great news!! Thanks for the update - looking forward to seeing that implemented.