Facebook Login Setup


I would like to ask if there is any documentation for setting up Facebook Login for users who signup on our website.

Hello Russel,

We have a tutorial called IDX Social Connect, which allows users to sign in by using social networks, instead of having to create an account on your website. You can see further details on the link below.


You can see some walkthroughs for the setup of the specific IDX Social Connect services available (ei. Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).

The following article explains how to setup the IDX Social Connect services from the backend of your site: https://support.realestatewebmasters.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004792963-Facebook

How do I access those two links? It’s asking to sign in with an email address and password (which must be different from the pw on this site, because I tried that). Thanks.

That is Zendesk ticketing system, I think you must use the email address we have on file for you as a customer (@shazmin can you confirm?)

Hello Mike!

Let me pull up what email address you have registered with us and I’ll send you a separate note with the details.

Thank you!

Ok, please do, thank you!

Hi Mike!

You would have received an email from Kyle Allen from our Support Team - Can you please let me know if you have received it?

Thank you!