Featured Blog Snippet on Home Page - Little Author Photos

I have several guest authors for my blog. Some of them even send me photos of themselves. Is there a way to get those photos in that little circle photo holder that is on each of the featured posts on my home page? These are not agents, just guest authors.

FWIW, I think those little photo circles look silly, especially with the same photo in each one. I’m not sure why they’re even needed.

Hello Judy, you could add them as agents in the backend (you have up to 25 seats) but only give them permission to blog, in which case, if you also uploaded a photo of them in the backend, it would show them as the author of the post (which is the purpose of those circles)

OK, great. Since I’m a one-person show (husband was licensed in IL but not in AZ), I haven’t added any agents. I’ll do that. Thanks!

You don’t have to give them leads access or anything, just access to blogs. Or you could “assume them” and never give them access at all.

Question though - why are you doing guest blogging?

I’ve had guest bloggers for a long time on my older site. I require unique content and it just fills in the blog when I’m busy. I’m training them to use my keywords now that I have the new site and my new area.