Featured snippet for real estate SEO - how do you get one?

You’ve all seen a featured snippet on Google before, but how can you get Google to provide you with one (or many) of your pages? I found this process to be a bit tricky, with no guaranteed way to do so. If anyone has input on how they’ve received a featured snippet before, I’d love to get your insight below.

For those who don’t remember seeing a featured snippet, here’s a quick example:

Apparently, 5.6% of all searches on Google have a featured snippet. Something that surprised me recently was that you don’t need to be ranking #1 for a given keyword to receive a snippet - but you do need to be on the first page.

One of the methods that was taught to me was that when I’m writing content, create a featured snippet bait that best aligns the long-tail keyword you’re trying to rank for, between 40-60 characters. Again, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive the snippet, but you’re optimizing for it.

With that being said, this isn’t something I’m a master at. If you have any methods or techniques that you’ve used that have helped you, post them below.


Great topic! To be honest, I know they don’t “say” you have to be #1, but it sure heck helps!

I find it’s next to impossible (if not in #1 or #2) to get a featured snippet.

Anyways, in terms of tips, here’s a few

As you said - construct your content in a way that Google practically HAS to choose yours as a snippet (since it’s tailor-made)

I do think technical SEO (strong CORE vitals) + the combination of schema helps in a lot of cases (such as FAQ’s, open houses, that sort of thing)

And of course the off-page factors (overall authority of that page for that specific query) and adherence to E-E-A-T helps too!

But these are more “fundamental principles” not tips or tricks per se.

If anyone has a special little trick that brings them over the edge, I’d love to hear about it too!

Hi Wes. Yes, agreed with Morgan. You can’t force Google to choose you for featured snippets, but you can “push” by using schema, all you can, in your code or by inserting scripts in GTM. Different schema like articles, local business, FAQ, products, etc etc. Now, if you align this with CWV and EAT content, you probably get some insights about in GSC.

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Here are two things which I think improve your odds of getting a feature snippet:

  1. Clear wording - A simple example is to avoid pronouns (which could be ambiguous). If the target question is “What is real estate SEO?”, don’t start the answer with “IT is…”. Start the answer with “Real estate SEO is”. I think this just makes the subject clearer to the algorithm.

  2. Target gaps - Just like with any SEO work, it pays to look for underserved questions or topics, as you’re unlikely to unseat the people who got to the mark first with a good answer to a question (they have time-based authority on their side for one). What I like to do is perform searches and find places where the featured snipped or PAA answers aren’t actually that good. You can also look through your search console data using keywords like “how” or “what” to see what questions you’re already getting impressions for, then Google the longer search terms and see what’s showing up and whether you can beat it.

To give you one example, I was working on a site for a client in Santa Barbara. I noticed in search console they were getting impressions for the question “what is santa barbara architecture”. I did a search in Google for that question and found the top results were just Pinterest pages. So, I wrote a blog post primarily answering the question “What is santa barbara architecture” and promptly got a featured snippet for it (test it out and see :sunglasses:)


  1. Lists? - Another thing…I think Google likes lists for featured snippets :smile:
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And of course - make sure you use the new REW FAQ’s when the come out! Beta testing on Morgan Carey. CEO Real Estate Webmasters Inc

FAQ’s are Google Approved!