Features. Do these exist? Work around?

  • Would be great if we could have all the tasks in one place. Currently action plan tasks and calendar tasks are separate. Prospecting all in one area would be amazing. Also, no calendar selection option in action plans seems like a missed opportunity. IE: “Need to follow up with bob on Tuesday the 11th” isnt’ an option.
  • “Last Touch” to be affected by activity on the app. If we log items in the app, it doesn’t show up as an interaction on the main page. We use “Last Touch” as one of the number one things we do for prospecting.
  • Speaking of interactions, you can manually log a call, text, but not email? Seems like an easy one to add, but currently dont see it.
  • Eliminate, or be able to delete, redundant actions “Kristen Pavlic, the agent, viewed this property” or set the view filter to stay permanent and not have to be adjusted every time, for every contact. Current set that once you log out, all your filters reset.
  • Ability to edit calls, emails, texts. Currently you can only edit notes. Use case: What if you misspell an email or name?
  • I know we have smart key options for emojis or copy/paste. Is there a way to add a button for the people who don’t know how to use smart keys? Just like how gmail has?
  • Texting from app-log text messages without having to copy/paste.
  • Ability to delete contacts. What if it’s both a bad email and number? Should be able to delete.
  • Notes and content added to calls/texts to be saved as written and not have spaces eliminated turning info into one jumbled paragraph. IE - When we format a note, it all gets jumbled into one long line.
  • When logging on- would like the ability to set which Smart List is set as the default view.

Just a few questions/ideas from our 20+ agent REW mastermind!

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Taking on a few of these :slight_smile:

This one we talked about the other day - it’s a good idea, perhaps adding to the “what’s next” bar.

Either mixing it in with action plans (not my favourite idea) or perhaps having it tabbed (or a separate calendar fly out)

@Aayaam @Phil - did we ever mock anything up on this?

The workaround (or current solution) is you can go to the calendar to see any tasks, and it is also shown on the details page (right-hand side) of every lead.

With advances in the responsive CRM, we’re actually working to phase out the App, so parity between the two applications would not be necessary.

workaround - use the REW CRM in responsive mode (there is a mobile view) and you can save the login to the main screen for a single click on your phone similar to an app.

We’ve already emulated (and improved) the lead routing from the app, so the only thing that would not port is push notifications.

I do want to see improved leads details pages on mobile though (so they are as good or better) than the app.

Do you use Gmail? REW CRM has a Gmail integration that syncs emails bidirectionally, so you would never need to log an email.

You can see send emails AND receive emails back into the CRM and vice versa

With Gmail integration, your REW CRM “IS” your inbox - It’s really awesome!

Can you explain this one? Not sure what this means.

Haha, good point! @Rebecca @Aayaam (edit call logs, text logs) “approved” - as for “editing emails” it would not be appropriate to edit the history log of a “sent” email, since that should reflect what was actually sent for posterity. (even if it drives you crazy to be reminded of previous bad spelling heh)

You mean for emoji’s? We can add it to consideration list for sure. Since we do have short keys for that, might not be as high priority as some of the other suggestions, but still “why not” :slight_smile:

See comment on phasing out the app. Won’t be required.

You can delete leads - but not everyone wants “agents” to be able to delete them

It’s in permissions:

So just turn it on :slight_smile:

Can you post an example? (And I agree, formatting should not be stripped. Who likes to have their spaces stripped!) @Aayaam @Rebecca approved

You can already do that - might just have to show you how :slight_smile:

“Default view” can be edited to anything you want (including being renamed) on a per agent basis. So anyone can set their pinned top “smart list” to whatever they want.

Like so :slight_smile:

We DO use gmail. I don’t see it in integrations. We can send emails from the system, but they don’t show up in our gmail “sent” folder. Wasn’t sure if it was linked properly. Also wasn’t showing up as an interaction after sending. Will dive into how to link the two

Ahh snap. Ok cool

Dang. We actually love the app. Better UX (IMO) than the website. Will see what we’re looking at on the mobile version of the site.

Thanks Ken and Morgan, we have added that to our backlog now!

It has some fans for sure:

Reasons for getting rid of the app:

#1: Even though it has a few very loyal fans, overall super low adoption (so maintaining it cost / vs benefit doesn’t make sense)

#2: Lack of qualified mobile developers. (We don’t have any staff developers for IOS / Android) and access to qualified mobile developers is difficult on contract (if not impossible) It doesn’t make sense to staff engineers full time for IOS and android (that’s 2X FTE’s) for just a few users.

#3: Feature parity - REW CRM is growing extremely fast and we want to be all in on CRM features. Having to trying to maintain feature parity between 3 systems slows down progress considerably.

I do agree though, I really like the UI on the app - and so (especially on leads details) I think a win for those losing the app would be for us to simply build in more of that UI into the responsive mobile experience.

As a follow on the apps “Why don’t you have app developers any more?” (For anyone curious)

Unfortunately for over 2 years we had to stop developing / updating any apps, because these !#$clowns sued us (patent trolls) - so until we defeated them, we were not able to invest in mobile apps.

Very annoying (perils of being in the software business)

But even before that, app adoption as just super low (like 50 people) so there just wasn’t enough demand to justify a continued investment.


Great! Now i’m in a rabbit hole lol

Posting app vs reaponsive (@Phil let’d clean up responsive) … it actually has a lot more stuff (Responsive does), but it’s messy and could be condensed a lot more

This makes total sense. Focus on the strengths and where more adoption is.

Thanks for all the hard work you and the team put in. We’re stoked to be super users and crush it with you guys