February Release for the REW CRM

Happy Tuesday everyone! As always the Product Delivery Team has been working hard behind the scenes, fixing bugs and improving the CRM, to make sure you get the best Renaissance and CRM experience. Here are a few things we have been working on and will be releasing today.

  1. Ability to add code within the tag of home, pages and blog posts. You can now add additional code to add more content to your home, content and blog pages.
  2. Option to change the homepage link name.
  3. Leads now have the option to request to have their data deleted.

This release mostly includes lots of under-the-hood bug fixes, security updates, and product hardening tasks.

Big thanks to our REW team :star: :star2: :star: @MattPinneo, @REW.Michael, @Phil, @Richard, @FernandoOrtiz, @Alex and @Mojolagbe for all their hard work on this release. The team has worked hard to improve the CRM and make sure it’s bug free for everyone.

We are here to support you during this transition and if you have any questions, please email us at support@rew.com.

Thank you for sharing your incredible ideas and thoughts here!!! Stay tuned to find out more about our upcoming features and videos! You can also connect with your Account Manager or Project Manager for updates.

What does this mean? Can you elaborate? Are you talking about the <head /head> section?

Yes this is the <head /head> section, where you are able to add code just before the “closing” head tag.