Follow up boss and the rew crm

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With the CRMs drop campaign and group capability along with the texting module why would one need follow up boss? What am I missing?

I would still like to see tagging and the ability to make smart lists based on the tagging for the leads. This functionality will make it much easier to do the transition.

You mean like this? :smiley: #comingsoon #smartsearches

Sort of… looking to go deeper though…:sunglasses:

You can actually create any custom queries you want with smartlists, those list items are demo, you create your own :wink:

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Nice!! I think this is great, and moving in the right direction. A big reason I keep and use FUB is because of this feature. Keeps the guessing game out of who to follow up with and when based on contact made with lead. Cant wait for this!! Great work Morgan!

Happy to hear more feedback Nick. Please let us know what other features you would need in order to get rid of the third party CRM you use.

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To answer your original question: There is no question that REW is clearly focused on upping our CRM game and that our goal is to eliminate the need for any third party CRM’s. They are an extra cost (usually a much higher per user cost than your whole REW system) and we feel that if we can provide the vast majority of features that other CRM’s have (but with the advantage of an all in one like REW + Agency) we will have not only a very compelling offer, but we can save our customers a significant amount of $.

Are you a FUB user today? What features to do you rely on daily?

I’m not

I’m just struggling to keep agents glued to the rew CRM and not leaving the preserve for the 3rd party CRMs like fub. This I was wondering what I’m missing. I know the Gmail integration will be huge etc but I was wondering what the other guys are providing my troops that I’m not. That’s all.

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I’ve been a FUB user for years but I’m currently upgrading our REW site ( in hopes that the new REW CRM will eventually allow us to use it as our one and online lead management platform. The two features needed for us to be able to do that are:

  1. The G Suite integration so we can see the interactions between our agents and the leads

  2. An API that allows (formerly Agentology) to update a leads information, status, etc. so that the information is available on the lead profile when we assign a lead which they’ve qualified to one of our agents.

There are a few more features that would be nice to have but those are the two that are a must-have for us. Any idea on a time frame for either of those?

I would take the G Suite integration now even if there are a few bugs. It would help get the agents sticky to it like I’m struggling to get them to be. They see other shiny objects that currently do more and I end up having to shrug and let them use X, Y or Z when I want them to stay home and use the REW CRM.

If you mean gsuite integration as in Gmail, I’m actually testing that right now on my wife’s site (she’s on REW CRM) should be available Q1 to upgrade for non customized REW CRM users.

As for an API for to work with, that already exists. Support can show you how to generate an API for them to work with :slight_smile: (we don’t code “too” them as they are not on our partners list) but they can easily do the coding on their side as it’s an open API